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Understanding is the result of knowledge and experience. Here's what a few of our clients have been able to achieve through understanding...​​

"Relationship Strategies was a highly beneficial course. John talks about every area in any relationship, where you will learn each other's personalities and how to adapt to one another to have a successful relationship. I know you will love the course and be happy with the outcome of your relationship."

- ​Liana Pomilia-Macias from Menifee, CA


Learn exactly what you need to apply to improve or fix your relationship and even bring it all the way back to when you were the most in love.​​

"This class has opened my eyes about how to manage a relationship with someone who is opposite in relationship personality. The course is loaded with information far above the cost of admission. As usual, Jonathan has provided a wealth of information."

- ​S.T. from Redondo Beach, CA

Building healthy relationships

through understanding


How to attract the right man or woman to create the healthy type of relationship you've always wanted.


Understand your partner, yourself and your unique relationship better than you ever thought possible.

What we do

We teach you how to truly understand your partner and apply what you learn to attract the healthiest relationship possible.​​